How to Prepare For an Open House in Palm Springs

Posted by Ron Parks on Friday, June 1st, 2018 at 1:24pm.

Open House in Palm Springs

So your beautiful Palm Springs, CA home is on the market. Your real estate agent is working overtime to promote it on the appropriate channels, you've investing in top-quality staging and real estate photos, and you're feeling optimistic. Now is the time when you should think about hosting an open house to promote the home even more.

Open houses can help sellers considerably because are a great opportunity for a large volume of buyers to see the home at once. It's the time when you showcase your property and attract potential buyers to put in an offer. A semi-interested buyer might see a high number of attendees and feel the pressure to buy because interest in the home is intense.

But how do you get it right and prepare for the perfect open house? Here are some of our top tips for hosting an open house in Palm Springs, California:

1. Make Sure All Minor Maintenance and Repair is Complete

In the warm Palm Springs climate, we don't typically need to worry about raking leaves or plowing snow. However, there are a few maintenance items you should check off your list before hosting an open house. For instance, make sure the façade of the home is clean with no broken or damaged features. The windows are clean and clear, and there is no paint chipping off the walls or door. If you have a walkway leading to the home, ensure it’s clear and free of debris and repair any asphalt cracks or other exterior issues. You should also clean the pool area if you have a pool and make sure the water is crystal clear and appealing to buyers.

Inside, you should make sure the home also free of any weird issues. This is the time to finally replace that fussy toilet flusher or change any burnt out lights.

2. Remove Personal Items

One of the main objectives of an open house in Palm Springs is to give buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living in your home. This is often difficult if the home is filled with personal items like family photos and mementos. It’s best to remove all personal items before the open house to give buyers a chance to picture their own family photos and personal belongings in the space.

We also recommend not simply stuffing things in the closet. Make sure those areas are also clean because potential buyers might want to look inside the closet to see how much storage space is available.

3. Air the Place Out

Although your favorite scented candle might bring you joy, it could potentially irritate a prospective buyer. In addition to removing personal items, you should also sniff around the home and remove anything that creates a perfumed scent. This could mean removing those expensive scented candles or essential oil diffusors. Leading up to the event, open the windows to air things out and get a nice fresh breeze going through the home. The open windows will serve a double purpose by allowing fresh air in as well as adding brightness to the rooms.

4. Remove Bulky Furniture

Sure, you might have a cozy chair that you love curling up on every night, but if it takes up a lot of space in the room, you should consider removing it for the day. By opening up the space, your rooms will look larger, even with an abundance of viewers walking around.

5. Do a Final Sweep

It's a no-brainer that your home should be clean and tidy before an open house, but you should also take the time to test things you might have overlooked. Although doing repairs and maintenance was first on the list, it';s still a good idea to double-check your work. Do you have any dripping faucets? Are there any dishes left in the sink or loose doorknobs on any of the doors? A final sweep of the home might unearth some issues you want to fix before the open house.

6. Take Pets Out of the House

Many real estate agents recommend that homeowners are not present during an open house. While this is sometimes a negotiable, it's not an option to keep your pets in the home. Even if your dog or cat is on his or her best behavior, having a pet in the house is still a problem for some buyers. Between allergies and the fact that the front door will probably be opening and closing constantly, there's no point in keeping a pet at home during a Palm Springs open house. Take them for a long walk or bring them to the pet spa for the day instead!

For more information on preparing your home for the perfect open house in Palm Springs, call the experts at Ron Parks Team at 760-883-8613 today, or email them.

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